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Maggie with camera ABOUT THE FILM
© 2007 USC SCA


When a young girl is accidentally left behind at a desert gas station while on a road trip with her large family, she must finally find the courage to make her voice heard.


It's 1981 and thoughtful, introverted, 12-year-old Margaret (Maggie) feels invisible sandwiched between the restless limbs of her eight, high-spirited siblings as they drive across the southern California desert in the family's aging Pontiac wagon.

Out of desperation, Maggie escapes her loneliness and the chaotic world of her family by entering the strangely beautiful world she sees through the viewfinder of her snap-n-shoot, plastic camera. However, she doesn't trust that what she sees is worthy of expressing, and as a result she never snaps a picture.

When the family stops at a rundown gas station in the middle of nowhere, Maggie's feelings of being invisible are intensified when she is accidentally left behind. However, inside the gas station, Maggie meets June, the desert-worn, reclusive proprietor who spends her days tooling leather to heal a broken heart. Despite June's initial gruffness, she sees in Maggie a fellow artist and kindred spirit. Seen as an individual for the first time in her life, Maggie discovers that if she can muster the courage to speak up and express what she sees, she may not be invisible after all.


Capture Format: Super 16 color (negative & reversal), blow up to 35mm
Screening Formats: 35mm/5.1 sound, Digibeta, BetaSP, DVD
Genre: Drama
Length: 14:03